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Moesha apologises for disrespecting African women on CNN

Moesha asked every African to forgive her because she never intentionally intended to hurt anyone with her comments.

Ghanaian actress, Moesha had been blasted by Ghanaians, mostly women, over her comments on CNN Christiane Amanpour’s 5th episode of the series “Sex & Love Around the World”, in which she revealed how the state of the Ghanaian economy has pushed women like her into dating married men.

She has however tendered her apology to women across Africa over the ‘unacceptable statement’.

Many Ghanaians found Moesha’s comments disrespectful and they dragged her for filth. The actress who felt uncomfortable after the comments., took to her Instagram page to tender an apology to her fans and fellow women across the continent.

In the note, she asked every African women to forgive her because she never intentionally intended to hurt anyone with her comments.

She took to her Instagram handle to tender her apology:

Dear gh this is Moesha. I have been humbled by all that is going on and I have also learnt a lot in the last few days since the CNN video came out. I have had a lot of time to think and reflect and I APOLOGIZE TO ALL, ESPECIALLY MY AFRICAN SISTERS. I pray u all find it in your hearts to forgive me.

It was definitely not my intention to offend any of you. I respect all the hard working women of our beloved country and accept that some of my utterances were not a reflection of what happens in most homes. GOD works in mysterious ways and everything happens because he says so🙏🏿 Thanks for the love, pieces of advice and criticisms. GOD bless us all! The full version of the interview drops this weekend and I hope you can appreciate what I said in its entirety. Thank you. God bless you all!”

Moesha apologises for disrespecting Ghanaian women on CNN lailasnews 3

Moesha had mentioned to Amanpour that in Ghana, it is not possible to make enough money as a woman. The reason why most women needed to depend on men for survival.

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