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LOOKBOOK: The Timeless Collection By Lucky Enemuo

THE TIMELESS COLLECTION – /ˈtʌɪmləs/ adjective not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion.
Premium menswear brand Lucky Enemuo is out with a new collection .This collection depicts the transcendence of style from one generation to the next. They say fashion comes and goes, but style is eternal; at Lucky Enemuo we believe just that.
The Timeless Collection was inspired by simple lines, attention to detail, and the concept of everyday luxury. The subtle accents and expert craftsmanship make the biggest impact.
We wanted to design a collection that stands the test of time. We hope that you cherish these pieces and that when you wear them 70 years from now, you feel exactly how you feel today.
That is what timeless means to us.


Designs: @luckyenemuo
Models: @that.architect
Styling :  @thestyleinfidel
Photography/ Set Design: @the.alfe
Makeup : @casskoncept1
Publicist: @moafricapr 

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