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Dbanj’s Loss: Why We Should Be Mourning First And Asking Questions Later


Late last night news broke through our version of TMZ, InstaBlog9ja, that D’banj had lost his 13-month-old child.

Unfortunately being in the public eye and being a celebrity, even one who helps pave the way for a country’s musical entertainment scene, isn’t enough to guarantee that you’ll earn the right to endure your losses privately.

His fans and other celebrities like Tonto Dikeh and Don Jazzy shared heartfelt condolences through their official social media platforms. While Davido even chose to send his through a shout out as he received the ‘Best International Act’ award which took place last night, it appears some have chosen now to ask questions first.

D’Banj may be a celebrity doomed to have his life under the watchful eye of the public who are ready to heavily scrutinize his every action, but for now we should be letting him and his family mourn. Why?

Because it could be any of us and the least we would expect is genuine sympathy, support and respect for a life cut short so soon.

What should we really be asking questions about?

For a start, who is the insensitive person whose first instinct was to snitch to an Instagram famous platform which clearly delights in ridiculing people and breaking news in the worst ways possible?

InstaBlog9ja broke the news saying,

“Daniel Oyebanjo III who turned one last May, is said to have died after drowning at Dbanj’s ikoyi residence this afternoon. His remains has been moved to a morgue at GRA, Ikeja.

We got the information around 6pm today but had to hold on to it till we get confirmation from the dad who is currently in the U.S. He has just reacted to the news. Our thoughts are with him.”

They followed it up with a screenshot of the alleged tip off which said in two separate messages.

“Sadly Dbanj just lost his son.”

“Just came in a morg in GRA now. Drowned in the pool”

Whether it is was a casual observer who happened to be in the morgue at the time, one of the workers in the morgue or even one of the people close enough to the family who accompanied the dead body, we may never know.

Secondly, what will happen to his son’s Instagram account? It may not be on the list of priorities currently, but what will happen as the media spins this tragedy into a carnival as they hunt for follow ups and plaster his son’s face everywhere?

Although the account, @danieldthird, may not have many photos or videos, already many media houses have begun to use it to generate traffic for their individual platforms.

Perhaps D’Banj will shut it down or he may chose to leave it as a reminder of a son he loves that lived a life too short. Nevertheless, we wonder.

Lastly, when the tragedy of the death of Daniel blows over, many will ponder over Lineo Oyebanjo and how she has been thrust into the spotlight. Many will, of course inevitably, choose to blame her and term it ‘a mother’s carelessness’.

It may be easy to blame it all on her and of course pardon the father, D’Banj, but it can not be ignored that in fact months earlier fans had commented on the pool and the child’s safety.

D’Banj had striven to keep both the child and Lineo out of the media but now, both are thrust into the spotlight and will be for quite a long time. It doesn’t help that it’s for a wrong reason and one completely out of the control of D’Banj.

What does this mean for the couple and will they be able to get through this together, united in the face of the Nigerian media and public’s speculations?

We have no choice other than to hope so.


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