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Ibejii, a mysterious, daring and compelling Afro-Retro music artiste, who made his way into the Nigerian music industry with the aim of disrupting the trend of cacophony and lewd lyrics that have saturated that space, recently aired his opinion on the current state of the Nation.

In his words, ‘Nigeria’s problem is deep. It is so deep it is foundational. It is systemic’.

Nigeria is not working because it cannot work. It cannot work because it is flawed. It is a fundamentally flawed system of government.

Nigeria’s system of government is an unaccountable system and unaccountable systems ultimately fail.

A system in which leaders are under no pressure to account to those that they govern is a flawed system of government. The Nigerian system of government is exactly such a system.

Nigerians have zero authority over their leaders. This cannot work. It is a recipe for failure.
Our leaders are a law unto themselves. We cannot control them – not even with elections – which they manipulate through the primaries process.

Zero authority produces zero accountability. Zero accountability produces poor government.

Nigeria has no government. At best, it has rulers. From the small state houses to the big State House, all we have is rankadefe mentality – rulers! Not a speck of accountable leadership.

So, you want to talk about corruption and its destructive impact on education, health care, etc, don’t waste my time.

Until we have a system in which there is accountability; where leaders have to account to the people for decisions that they take, don’t waste my time talking education policy, tax policy, health care policy, or anything of real value. Such talk is a worthless chatter – or as someone once put it, a whole load of hat and no cattle.

The Federal system works well for America. See how it is keeping a corrupt Trump in check. The Parliamentary system is working well for the UK. It is keeping a wayward Boris Johnson from tumbling down a Brexit mountain without braces. Our system, this imported system, is unfit for keeping our rulers in check. It is a non-accounting system. It didn’t work 50 years ago. It is not working today. It will never work. It is a failed system of government.

Just in case I haven’t already made clear, Nigeria’s entire problems wrap back to the failure of our system of government. An ineffective system of government cannot produce effective results.

Our imported system of government is unfit for progress. It is bound for failure. It is like a leaky basket. It doesn’t matter how much good water is poured into it, no economic, political, intellectual or any other valuable advice can make it work. Tear it down with careful management or it will ultimately collapse under its own creaky weight – with catastrophic consequences.

Ibejii uses the power of his music to invoke self-reflection, drive positive action, delivered in an emphatic yet sensitive fashion. He is a true storyteller who is armed with folklore and metaphor all conveyed in his native tongue.

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