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You’re Allowed To Break Up With Your Boyfriend If…


Relationships can be stressful but dating the wrong person can be even worse. Things may not always be clear-cut into black and white but there are a few telltale signs that can lead you to consider if there are way too many red flags to continue.

While of course relationships are different here are a few common similarities that dead-end relationships all have.

1. He never, ever remembers to put the toilet seat down

Oh lord, don’t let me even get started on how annoying this is. How hard is it to put the damn toilet seat down after you’re down wielding your sword? The sheer agony of rushing to the lavatory only to spend a minute fuming and another minute putting it down because he forgot it yet again is enough reason to ditch him.

2. He always forgets your birthday even when you’ve reminded him

In a world where technology is everywhere and it’s pretty accessible there is absolutely no reason why he should forget your birthday. With a few taps of a smartphone, you can have your calendar synced with your email address so even if you do somehow miss your alarm you set as a reminder then you can get an email notification. Really, he has no reason to forget and we totally get it if you decide to put him in your rearview mirror.

3. He isn’t considerate of your pet peeves

There is nothing that grinds a person gears like a significant other that is inconsiderate of their feelings. When you have clearly indicated that something rubs you the wrong way for whatever reason, your boyfriend is supposed to get it and more than anyone else should try to avoid them. But some men just don’t learn and we’re here to tell you to get rid of the inconsiderate man.

4. He isn’t one of your biggest fans

It isn’t enough that he is just a fan of yours, he has to be one of your biggest fans after your family of course. If he isn’t then I’m not quite sure what you’re still doing with him. Also, just as a side note, support doesn’t necessarily have to mean financial support. If he shows up when you need him or stays up late at night while you use him as a human thesaurus then he is the one.

5. He never texts you back

It’s 2018 and everyone has a smartphone, never mind that data is still a little on the high side, and it’s pretty easy to communicate with your partners unlike years ago when you had to send letters. While letters could have been lost in transit or never even arrived, with instant messaging apps you not only have your messages delivered immediately but you also know exactly when it’s delivered, read and if it has been ignored. If that guy isn’t texting back yet you see his status as ‘online’ well he’s certainly texting someone darling.

6. He doesn’t show you off

Whether it’s on your best days when you’re all dolled up and look set to receive an Oscar award for Most Dramatic Girlfriend or it’s on your not so good days when you’re hiding underneath a hoodie, that man should be happy to show you off. Well, aside from the obvious fact that it’s a nice feeling it also shows that he’s proud of who he’s with and can’t wait to share you with the world. This doesn’t have anything to do with PDA at all, more like him doing what a normal adoring boyfriend should be doing.


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