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Yet Another Unusual Eyebrow Trend Is Here Again


Because rainbow beauty is so mesmerizing to look at and because it is also Pride Month these stunning rainbow brows created by beauty blogger and YouTuber @nikkietutorials has arrived at the right time.

To achieve the look, Nikkie blended the rainbow hues into her brows. Her left brow being a gradient of warm shades (orange, red, and yellow), while the right is a trio of cooler tones (green, blue, purple).

However, her tutorial wasn’t just another regular make-up video though. She shared the video of her magical brows in honor of her little brother who passed away, and to hopefully cheer up anyone in need.

In her caption she wrote:

“As most of you know my little brother lost his fight against cancer a couple of days ago, and if there’s one thing he was incredibly proud of it’s my channel. today I’m posting this colorful video in honor of him, and to cheer up those in need of some color and fun.”


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