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Why I vowed never to attend church for two years – Juliana Olayode

Actress Juliana Olayode has revealed that she vowed never to attend church for two years.

The 28-year-old revealed this in a recent post on her Instagram story in which she stated that she started attending church on January 1, 2023.

“On the first of January 2023, I decided I was going back to church. That’s after I had vowed I was never returning to church/ staying away from church for two years. I didn’t pray about the church to attend, I went to ABC church (it doesn’t exist I made up the name) cause the pastor was always calling to check on me while I was away from church. After attending the church for about two months, I started feeling unsettled.

“I spoke to a friend, and we decided to pray about it. I went to different other churches, but I couldn’t settle there because I still felt like I wasn’t in the right place.”

“BTW Don’t be quick to judge people you see moving from one church to another, some of them are not “church prostitute” as Some of you call them.

“They probably are just trying to find their OWN church. There are many amazing churches, filled with the presence of God, filled with the word etc, but you don’t belong there and until you find your own church, you’ll always feel unrest. Also, there are certain truths/ depths/ knowledge/ grace, etc that you will not be able to walk in /be exposed to until you
find your OWN church,” she wrote in parts.

The actress is popular for organising Christian events and occasional prayers on Instagram.

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