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What God cannot do does not exist is a silly slogan – Patrick Doyle

Actor Patrick Doyle has opined that the popular ‘What God cannot do does not exist’ quote is a silly slogan.

The slogan became a trend when Pastor Jerry Eze, the founder of Streams of Joy International and leader of New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declaration (NSPPD) started using it during his sermons and ‘prophetic declarations’.

Pastor Jerry and gospel singer Dunsin Oyekan also released a song titled The Anthem (What God Cannot Do Does not Exist).

The slogan is derived from the Bible, the book Luke chapter one verse 37 which says, “For with God, nothing shall be impossible.”

Many Christians including gospel singers like Frank Edwards, Steve Crown, Judikay and even Nollywood stars like Uche Elendu, Ngozi Ezeonu and Anita Joseph have been making references to the slogan in their posts on social media.

However, on Tuesday, Patrick Doyle made a post on Facebook in which he condemned the slogan which he referred to as ‘silly’.

He wrote: “Some people are just too obstinate to admit their folly. Even after that slogan ‘What God cannot do doesn’t exist’ has been proven to be silly, they still continue to chant it.”

Explaining further in another post on Wednesday morning, the actor wrote: “The work of bringing things into existence was completed by God on the 7th day of creation. To speculate that some things “don’t exist” and couch that irrational possibility in a slogan is insulting. Slogans, no matter how woke they sound, have the power of attrition to blunt the efficacy of profound scriptures.

“A good example is the slogan ” Heaven helps those who help themselves.” This slogan over time has become part of “Christian Lexicon” and has insidiously introduced the false doctrine of “works of men” to supplant the profundity of the doctrine of the “Finished Work Of Christ.” Here is a word of caution to Christian slogan copywriters, ” If It Breeds Doubt, Do Without””.

Doyle is a member of Household of God Church International Ministries, pastored by Chris Okotie.

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