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Tyrese Gibson Planned A Surprise Maternity Photoshoot For His Pregnant Wife Samantha Lee


With photos released exclusively to People, Tyrese Gibson and his wife, Samantha Lee Gibson gave us all the first glimpse of their maternity photos.

Tyrese planned a surprise photo shoot session for his 30 weeks pregnant wife even though the two had talked about having one, he decide surprising her would be better.

Samantha shared how she was surprised when she woke up on July 1st to find a photo crew at their home. Tyrese went ahead to say that she was totally nervous at first but she finally stepped into her power.

The photos released features a few with with Tyrese and his 11-year-old daughter Shayla.

Tyrese mentioned how he stayed away from most of the shoots on purpose. According to him,

“I actually purposely stayed out of a lot of photos, I told her this is a moment that I really wanted to capture with her and her daughter”.

Samantha said,

“So it’s been quite an experience seeing my belly and our baby grow. It’s like having front row seats to watching a miracle occur in my body.”

Tyrese and Samantha are expecting the their daughter, Soraya, in September.


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