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Toyin Abraham cuts ties with Revolution Plus

Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham has announced the end of her brand ambassadorship with property company Revolution Plus.

The 40-year-old made the announcement in an Instagram post on Saturday.

“For those who are observant, you would have noticed my inactivity about the Revolution Plus brand,” she began her post.

Revolution Plus is owned by couple Bamidele and Tolulope Onalaja.

The company has faced allegations of collecting money from subscribers without allocating property to them.

Toyin said she could not reveal why she is leaving Revolution Plus because of business confidentiality “but I can let you know freely that I have stopped working with the brand and all official engagement between us stops by 31st of this month.”

She ended her post with an apology to the company’s aggrieved customers.

“I am grateful for the opportunity and I am so sorry for those that have experienced inconvenience working with them. I wish the company well in its future dealings and strength to deal with existing issues,” Toyin’s post concluded.

The actress and other Revolution plus brand ambassadors like Broda Shaggi and Odunlade Adekola were called out in February 2022 by customers who said they used their star power to convince unsuspecting customers to do business with the company.

Toyin and Odunlade initially lashed out at their accusers, but later apologised as more people came out to accuse Revolution Plus of fraud.

“I am not leaving the brand as I can say they keep to their words, it’s just that we have issues that need to be resolved.

“Please send messages to Revolution Plus property or me if you have pending issues with Revolution Plus. The issues will be resolved as soon as possible. I am sorry for the inconvenience, the pain and the delay. Be rest assured that there is no intention to defraud you. My sincere apologies one more time,” Toyin wrote in an Instagram post last year.

On his part, Odunlade said “I sincerely apologise for my choice of words earlier. No doubt you are disappointed with the whole situation at the moment. I spoke with about 10 people that were affected today as regards the whole issue and I assure you that I am doing my possible best up till this moment to ensure all is put to order and to make all our esteemed customers smile again.”

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