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This New Braid Trend Is Just In Time For Summer And It’s 100% Science Inspired


Recently a new hair trend has found its way into our social media feeds and is appropriately named the “DNA braid” due to its close resemblance to human DNA strands.

The style is created by separating the hair into three sections, starting on one of the outermost pieces, taking a smaller section, and weaving it over and under the larger ones until it’s added to the opposite side.

The process is then repeated on the other side, alternating back and forth until the braid is at the desired length. The trick is that the middle section remains stationary, and you’re only working with the outer two outer sections.

But it’s easier said than done and might take a while to get the hang of.

This tutorial video on YouTube puts it into context.

It requires a lot of patience, but once you get into a rhythm you’re good to go. Then, to finally achieve the helix finish, twist the three-strand braid to create the DNA-like spiral.

Hairstylist Alexandra Wilson wrote in her caption that smaller sections of hair make the style look more intricate, but you can also use larger pieces of hair if you prefer, like below:


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