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This Man Bought His Wife An Actual Highlighter Instead Of Fenty Highlighter


Rihanna‘s foray into the makeup would has become something of a legend with products selling out almost the minute they hit the shelves.

But apparently not everyone is as obsessed with Fenty as the rest of the beauty world is. So when Charmela Webb asked for a Fenty highlighter and brush for her anniversary, her husband attempted to deliver. He scoured the drug stores looking for Fenty brand highlighters, the old-school kind that are meant to be used on paper, but had to settle for Sharpie.

He also bought a brush for her hair to accompany it.

While we are a mix of emotions ranging from amusement to outright shock that someone could possibly not know about the Fenty highlighter, Fenty Beauty have decided to fix her husband’s mistake.


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