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This Makeup Artist Changed Her Face Into The Mona Lisa


Last week, Instagram user Yuya Mika posted a video to her account showing how she contoured her face to look exactly like the Mona Lisa, and it’s seriously impressive. To create the look, Mika used multiple shades of liquid bronzer and concealer to add shadows to her face and visually alter her bone structure to match that of da Vinci’s most iconic painting.

Insane, right? Clearly, I wasn’t the only one who was amazed by her work, as fans commented on the video with, “Your makeup skills are beyond expert level….they’re like da Vinci level,” and “More stunning than the Mona Lisa herself.”

Mika seems to be working her way through da Vinci’s famous paintings, as she’s also re-created Lady with an Ermine.

And recently even Marilyn Monroe.


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