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This Adorable Little Boy Just Couldn’t Resist Playing With Meghan Markle’s Hair


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry went to Northern Ireland this week to meet some of the country’s most high-ranking politicians, but their most important interaction during their visit was with Walter Cullen an adorable three-year-old boy who is quite obviously fond of the royal couple.

In the photos from their visit to Croke Park, the little boy was seen fiddling with Meghan’s hair and attempting to tap her shoulder to get her attention.

Prince Harry immediately caught Walter in the act, and he reacts in the cutest way.

Judging by the boy’s facial expression, it would appear that the Duke gave him a little bit of sass for touching his wife’s hair, because you obviously do not touch the Duchess’s hair whenever you please.

This isn’t the first of Prince Harry’s cute kid encounters. He once caught Emily Henson, daughter of British parasport athlete David Henson, sneakily stealing popcorn from him at the 2017 Invictus Games volleyball finals. You probably remember the video because it was the most adorable of all time.


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