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The Creators Of The Weird Royal Wedding Nails Have Returned With Another Weird Experiment


The latest in bizarre nail trends, Instagram user @nail_sunny created a manicure that’s basically every crafty person’s dream, but it also looks highly uncomfortable.

Take a look at these nails and decide for yourself.

The Russia-based nail chain posted a video seen below, in which each nail except the thumb was sculpted with acrylic for extra length, then shaped and styled to resemble colored pencils.

@nail_sunny posted a tutorial just in case you were curious how to get the look. First, the nail technician started with a base of solid primary and secondary colors. Then, they used darker and lighter polish shades to create dimension.

On the tips of the nails, the nail tech painted a light tan polish to replicate the wooden part of the pencil.

The technician even whittled down actual colored pencils with a knife to reach the colored lead, then glued them to the tips of the nails.

The creator of this look @nail_sunny is the same user behind this:

And this:


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