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Social distancing has thrown us into hunger – DJs

The Professional Disc Jockeys Association of Nigeria (PDJAN) on Thursday claimed to be the worst-hit in the entertainment industry by restrictions occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic.

The association’s media officer, Mr Onyenegecha Isaac (Dj MarSs), told newsmen in Lagos State that the social distancing precaution made them shut down activities.

According to Dj MarSs, the only means of reaching out to fans and clients is through the social media where they can’t get paid and many people are not even enlightened enough to use it.

“DJs are the young vibrant major group that is feeling a direct negative impact or effect of the lockdown process. The DJs earn their living by entertaining guests in all kinds of events and also providing PA system.

“Now, no form of gathering. Clubs, bars, pubs are shut down. The DJs are dying in hunger, seriously.

“The angle of engaging the clients is almost a zero idea as the online platform process will take a long while before it really picks up because many of our important or major clients are not into social media.

“You can’t have a wedding party on social media neither can you have your house warming, child dedication on social platforms.

“We are directly affected; for now there is very little we can do to engage or entertain our clients,” he said.

Dj MarSs said that being a DJ was beyond entertainment, as they also made people exercise.

He appealed to government to support the DJs as one of the key players in the entertainment industry, and also urged Nigerians to stay safe.

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