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Small Girl Big God: Let’s Talk About the New Social Media Lingo

The small girl, big God rhetoric has fast become salient in the Nigerian cyberspace. The alteration of the phrase to connotatively symbolize an idea that I deem far off the actual/denotative meaning. The oxymoronic blend of words used to be a catchphrase for one who is grateful or awed by God’s goodness in their lives, basically when you ascribe your all to God despite your shortcomings.
I’d like to reference saying that comes on after popular TV shows by Wale Adenuga Productions that reads “we’re nothing but pencil in the hand of our creator”. So it was wildly popularized among ladies who ‘slay’ on social media and insert the “Small girl, Big God” caption.
Some post the picture looking all extravagant and dashing but you can’t trace their outlook to whatever venture that should be responsible for such luxury and because they can’t openly brag about the things they do behind closed doors to stay afloat, they claim to have a really big and miraculous ‘God’ which in some cases happen to be someone of the same/opposite sex that is responsible for their grandiose lifestyle.
People barely know the savages of Twitter redressed the meaning, I’m sure the person who casually initiated it didn’t imagine he’d strike gold with his fortuitous analogy (Not like he’s cashing off it).
They attribute everything to the ‘Most High’ and because we’re a gullible bunch, anything with the God factor is very well excused and justified. If only you know what most of these slay queens undergo to afford such luxuries, you’d hand over hand eject such thought off your mind and not exempting a fact that most of your favorite celebrities are very much involved in this.
If you ask well enough among girls, you’ll hear the despicable things these girls do and sugarcoat as “living my best life” which alternately means “hoeing around” but you didn’t hear that from me.
So we should endeavor to not be browbeaten especially when faced with someone with questionable affluence who seems to be a commuter in the  Small Girl, Big God train, it might interest you to know that these girls are well into some bootleg activities like prostitution, internet fraud, human trafficking etc.
may be furtive and not done in the open in Nigeria. Nigerian ladies are well involved in the act of prostitution in various degrees. A lot are indulged in the act via dating sites on the internet where they solicit payment for sex. These set of small girls with a big God don’t necessarily have to stand at major road points no more as they make their way to sophisticated restaurants, cafes, and spot.
This reminds me of one of my experiences in Eko Hotel, about 12:20 am, I heard a knock on the door. I opened and was facing a girl suggestively dressed then she asked amidst  “is this room ***?” While she served looks and with a voice subtly calling for an invite in.
Another was about past 12 am, I went downstairs at the lobby to use the ATM and this girl walked up to me, asking an irrelevant question and eventually queried:  “can I follow you to your room?”. You bet I was both dazed and irritated at how these girls now deign themselves, resorting to trifling means of making ends meet whereas there are restaurants and other units at the hotel they could apply at.
These set of girls will ‘tension’ you during the day with their gadgets, high-end wears, and luxury trips but are creeps at night. These set will go to places with really nice environ, take a series of pictures and post with the caption “living my best life”. Although it’s not as rampant in Nigeria but some do as far as bestiality just to stay afloat as the cost of their luxury could drown petty earnings.
Men are not excluded from these set as many men sleep around with women and their fellow men to keep pace their lifestyle on social media and Instagram has become their ‘slayground’. Your favorite male celebrities are posing on this table as some of them go that far to rake deals for social media validation. We’re yet to adopt a catchphrase for men.
Internet Fraud:
This is to disprove the notion that only men partake in cybercrime. A lot of women are well involved in cybercrime as they fake having a romantic affair with a foreign man over the internet and convinces them to send money. This trick is quite lucrative to an extent and this is how some girls fund their lifestyle.
Human Trafficking :
This is one way a lot of women fund their lifestyle. They are mostly older women. They most times either abduct or lure their victims  (young girls) by promising them a better life. They take them abroad sometimes and force them into prostitution to pay up for the cost of bringing them into a foreign country.
Amidst all of these, we shouldn’t be quick to allude a woman’s wealth or lifestyle to a man or some illegal operations as some people are very private about their ventures. Not every girl out there has ‘that’ big God. They actually put in work.
A certain actress/producer/entrepreneur is often dragged to be one of these girls and it’s heartbreaking to see that an industrious woman like her who acts, produces, a businesswoman and is also into real estate but nobody puts forth her ventures first when talking about her lifestyle. They’re quick to tag them ‘small girl with big God’ and the men are often spared but why though? when most of these men do worse than women.
This is no stone age and women are coming out rebelliously in their numbers, doing things more than some men and shattering stereotypes. We should endeavor to encourage women as we won’t keep the same energy if our hardworking sisters or daughters are pre-judged in that regard.

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