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Skinny Girl in Transit star, Abimbola Craig talks about her insecurities in new video (Watch)

Abimbola Craig who epitomizes the essence of the “Love Yourself” campaign by @bland2glam, is all about truly embracing the body and skin you’re in whilst reaching for the very best of you and learning to love ones self!
@abimbolacraig will be donating a percentage of the proceeds from the soon-to-be-released “Love Yourself collection” to @scaf an NGO that is very close to her heart. SCAF increases awareness on sickle cell disorder and ensures that people living with the disorder have access to quality healthcare #JewelryDesigners #B2Gsignature #AbimbolaCraig #StaytunedForMore #SGIT #Bland2Glam
Watch below:

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