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Sex Workers Are The Unsung Heroes In Nigeria


Okay so before we get into the nitty-gritty of the matter, I’d like to appeal to anyone that will start carrying their noses up at some of my points, the reason for this post is not to agitate, but to entertain and subtly advocate. Emphasis on entertain, if you still don’t get the point, then stay pressed beloved.✌️

The first thing you should know is, Oxford Dictionary defined ‘a job’ as “A paid position of regular employment”, which proves that sex work, is an actual occupation, whether legally/religiously recognized or not… and just like the corporate world, there are hierarchies and levels to this sh*t, depending on your ‘packaging’, how sexy your ‘office’ looks and your work ethics, your client database could either be the heads of organizations or could be their drivers, you consciously and unconsciously decide which level of the tax bracket you want to provide your services to.

Anyway, now that we’ve established the legitimacy of sex work as an actual occupation, the rest will be easy to digest if we will just drop our f*cking judgemental lenses.

The second thing you should know is, sex workers are f*cking ninjas when it comes to their chosen occupation. You think you are good at your job? LOOOL you should see the way these girls hustle. Especially the less classy girls who stand at strategic places on the mainland, they will pull an all nighter, every night, with their faces beat, on their feet, in heels, whilst still meeting their KPIs (of like 10 guys per night) and the bag secured.

The third thing you should know is, sex workers are very emotionally intelligent and very street smart. Yes, its nice to know quadratic equations and be able to write a ten page essay, but is that knowledge going to help you sharpen your finessing skills? Is that knowledge going to help you properly maneuver the jungle that is Nigeria, where human relations (no pun intended) is very key to be successful?. You that, small passive aggression at work and you are ready to flip, smh if you should see what these girls have to put up with on a daily basis ehn….

The fourth thing you should know is, sex workers are probably badder than James Bond, in terms of how brave they are. Everyday, they break the first cardinal rule that was impressed on all of us as children “Don’t talk to, or follow strangers”. Do you know how scary it is to get into a car with a complete stranger without knowing where you are going or what’s going to happen when you get there? How many of you people shouting can do that? Your Über guy cannot play small play on the express and you will be silently praying to the gods of your ancestors.

The final thing you should know is that, sex workers are joyful givers, and I mean that literally. Yes, you have to pay a fee, but don’t you pay for Netflix and Apple Music?. Also, guess what? They do a lot of CSRs, there are so many men roaming the streets with needs and wants, without enough clout or swag to get it for free, and these brave set of women and men have chosen to take up the responsibility of meeting these needs and the society has chosen to ridicule them for it?! SHAME!.

It’s just hilarious that, we live in a world where girls who are having sex for free ridicule the ones who get paid to do it.


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