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Sadly The Bishop From The Royal Wedding Is About To Go For Cancer Treatment


Meghan Markle‘s wedding to Prince Harry had everything you could possibly want in a royal wedding. And I mean it is pretty much the wedding we’ll all be remembering for years to come.

One of the royal wedding highlights was Bishop Michael Curry‘s engaging and moving sermon was all about that feeling that unites. After millions of viewers tuned in for the wedding, Curry became a worldwide sensation that people just couldn’t get enough of.

Sadly, Curry recently shared some news he found out “a few months ago,” which was around the time of the wedding. Curry said he is battling prostate cancer and will undergo surgery on Tuesday.

Curry shared a letter on Twitter:

In it he said,

“I am happy to say that the prognosis looks very good and quite positive. I have spoken with several others who have gone through this, and who have offered both encouragement and helpful advice. I will be in the hospital for at least a day, then at home to recuperate.”

While the Bishop’s letter sounds relatively positive considering the circumstances. He also wrote that he’s asking for well-wishes, and we hope he recovers soon.


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