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Rumor Has It That Prince Harry Advised Meghan Against Wearing Another Suit


According to the Daily Mail, Meghan Markle wanted to wear a Stella McCartney suit for a formal evening event during their upcoming Australian tour.

Prince Harry, who reportedly likes to give Meghan fashion tips, wasn’t into it and maybe told her not to wear it. The reasoning could have to do with the fact that the queen prefers skirts over trousers in general.

“Meghan is being told she needs to stop dressing like a Hollywood star and start dressing like a Royal,” a source reportedly told the Daily Mail. “Meghan wanted to wear a tuxedo-style suit but Harry said it wasn’t traditional enough.”

Though dresses and skirts are strongly encouraged, it’s worth noting that Prince Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana, was often seen in tuxedo-like jacket.


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