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Rapper Future Disses Jay Z After Radio Interview

Rapper Jay Z who was a guest on Rap Rader radio last week happened to clear the air on several issues ranging from his feud with former bestie, Kanye West and his recently released controversial album, 4:44.
A track in the album addressed rappers posing with wads of cash, in another track, Jay Z also called out Future for letting Ciara slip off his hands. Future responded by posting a picture posing with a wad of cash.
Barely a week after Jay Z admitted to being misinterpreted during a radio interview, rapper Future fired shots at him via some tweets.

Future posing with a wad of cash

These tweets have spurred mixed reactions from fans of both artistes, with some hinting that Jay Z deserves what he got for talking about Future and his family while he couldn’t take same from Kanye.

At the moment, Jay Z is yet to respond to any of these tweets.

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