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Presidential Aspirant Eunice Atuejide: Why Are Women Afraid of Being Called Feminist?

For the umpteenth time, Feminism is in no way associated with misandry. There is a thick line bridging what they both stand for though social media and society try to marry them to entail same. We’re in an era where we consume a great percentage of knowledge by what’s popular on social media that Googling or proper research has lost it’s essence. Feminism remains the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of equality of both sexes. No thanks to ladies who exude misandry in the name of feminism even if they themselves don’t really understand what feminism really entails while some women despite their understanding of what feminism stands for, don’t like to be labelled Feminist for some reason. I’m not sure how it comes off for anyone to outrightly denounce an ideology that benefits them, maybe it’s better to rest in silence as it could act as neutrality which is quite safe.

As a woman, How do you believe in and clamor for the equality of sexes but cringe and don’t want to be identified as feminist? How do you want men and women to be accorded same political, social and economics rights and opportunities but shy away from the tag because of some ill connotation popularized by people who do not understand what it means. It’s probably easier to embrace and practice the ideology but distant self from the word to avoid controversy especially for women holding public positions.

Some influential women like German councillor Angela Merkel, Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic and most recently Nigerian Presidential aspirant Eunice Atuejide have made it clear that they are not feminist but advocate for women to be accorded same right and opportunity as men.

“I actually hate it when people call me feminist because that word means too many things, many of which I DON’T LIKE!”

“My friend who won’t cook for her husband & kids cos of equality?
The one who always insults men bcos she can? Ladies who won’t let men hold doors for them cos it diminishes their value?”

It’s fine as anyone is free to identify with whatever they want but the issue is Eunice’s myopic approach/description of feminism. Why do we often attribute feminism to women who don’t acknowledge the physical differences between the sexes, women who disrupt God’s order pertaining both sexes or women who want to be superior to men in the home or society?

Feminism DOES NOT mean ‘many things’, ma’am! We should not allow ourselves to be easily swayed and intellectually boxed by the trends on social media. It’s the era and a lot of us often forget there’s Google to help with adequate information in whatever topic. Don’t get swayed by people who disrespects, hates men and call themselves Feminists. That’s why you are better than them because they don’t know any better. Feminism is not an oppressive movement against the opposite sex and it has never been. It recognizes the difference between both genders and insists that they are given equal right and opportunities. The word Feminism is just more concentrated on women because they are more disadvantaged by the society.

In politics, do women have same chance as men? Why do we have fewer female public office holders? For a woman to even hold a public position, she must be near “perfect” and wouldn’t get away with certain things a man easily would. If you believe that men and women should be given equal opportunities in the society, that’s all it takes to identify as feminist. Equality and equity.

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It’s unreasonable that in 2018, the actual context of feminism is still mistaken or misunderstood. It encompasses a notion the standard set for men should be equal to that of women; praise, criticism or whatever. The whole kitchen and cooking narrative is stale and downright baseless already. We see women come out to vote and vie for public offices, women educated but it should interest anyone to know that it is because people spoke up and fought for these privileges and you’d agree that it has eased things a bit. It only gets better!


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