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Nollywood actor Charles Granville dies after secret battle with illness

Actor and film producer Charles Granville has died after battling an undisclosed illness.

MRH learnt that the deceased did not disclose his health status to his colleagues and many close to him.

A source told this online newspaper that those who worked with him were also not aware of the state of his health.

The public only became aware of the illness when fellow filmmaker Umanu Elijah posted an obituary released by Granville’s family on Instagram on Saturday.

The obituary reads: “It is with heavy heart that the family announces the passing of Amb Dr. Charles Alexander Atombosoba Granville after a protracted illness on Thursday the 21st of September 2023. Words truly can’t describe impact this sudden demise is having on family, friends and well-wishers, taking solace in the phrase ‘God knows best!’”

It concluded that funeral arrangements will be announced in due course.

Commenting on the death, Umanu Elijah wrote: “Yesterday I lost my mentor, my elder brother, my friend, and my main guy to the cold hands of death Ambassador Charles Granville @charlesgranville

“I have been through tough and trying times, but I have never seen what my tears look like until yesterday.

“CG has zero worries, CG just wants to live and let live. CG hardly gives fish but is ready to fight tooth and nail to make sure you access the pond.

“You are a big inspiration to my growth and existence, I learned a lot from you my G.

“I’m glad I made you proud on several occasions.

“Thank you for all the good memories we shared, and thank you for several enormous partnerships and recommendations. Thank you for mentioning my name in high places, Thank you for your existence CG.

“We had plans bro, big plans, really Big plans.

“I have a lot to say and a lot to ask about life but like we always say “it is well” (even though it’s not)

“You were actually that guy.

“Love you CG.”

Charles Granville’s Nollywood movie credits include Thirty Pieces of Silver, Locked, Impossible Relationship, Better than the Beginning and Last Flight to Abuja.

His last Instagram post was on July 16 with the caption “I pray for increase.”

He was unmarried and had no child.

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