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Nigerian lady calls out Alexx Ekubo for reportedly deceiving her with a competition

An aggrieved Nigerian lady and Facebook user, Ann Fina, has taken to the platform to call out Nollywood actor, Alexx Ekubo, for reportedly raising her hope and dashing it at same time with a competition for scriptwriters and actors (Nigerian Teens and Twenties movie auditions, NTTA) held in 2015.

According to her, she was announced as the winner of the competition with a take home prize of N3million, but she reportedly hasn’t gotten anything from the show organizers 2 years after the competition was held. Here’s her story;

Alexx Ekubo

“Sometime in 2015, I came across one competition for scriptwriters and actors (Nigerian Teens and Twenties movie auditions, NTTA) in Linda’s blog.

The prizes were mouth watering..
3million naira plus a car and an intense training to teach winners the rudiments of screenwriting and acting…
But then, the entry fee was 3k…

I was so enthusiastic…
I was like, “Ann, Shey you want to be a foremost scriptwriter? Don’t miss this opportunity”.

Even though I came across the competition one week to the deadline, I subjected myself to intense struggle trying to come up with a movie idea.

Scriptwriters were to break down their scripts into 150 scenes.
Each day, I sat in front of my laptop typing and editing until I was able to come up with something…

The D-day came…
I paid my entry fee…
My hard earned 3k…
And went to the venue for the audition to submit my script..

The people that came for the audition eeh ??
They were so many…
Both scriptwriters and actors.
I almost lost my confidence but then, I still submitted my script.

After the audition, I received a call from them declaring me the winner. ??
Hay Gawd!
I almost ran mad…
I was like, is that how I will just have 3million Naira in my account plus a fucking car?
Not only that, I could even be a celebrity..?
I can’t describe the joy I felt that day..
All I know is that, it made me crazy..
My folks didn’t hear word that day, I swear. ?

The next day I traveled to Imo to collect my certificate and take pishures with the judges.

I almost died of excitement at the thought of posing with celebrities and taking pictures with them…?

Afterwards, we were told that they will get back to us after the competition in other states.

Shey, 2 years haff passed now…
We haven’t heard anything from them.
The website has been closed down..
These people fucking duped us…
Check out when almost every youth in the south east paid 3k just to take part in the competition?
These people made money mehn..??

Some who couldn’t make it in one state paid extra 3k to participate in another state.
Check am na..

Alex Ekubo and Co, I forgive you guys for raising my hopes up and dashing them at the same time.
Whatever you did with my script, I forgive you.

But biko,
I need my 3k back. I’m broke AF and I want to subscribe.?

For the past few weeks I have been using free Facebook and it’s frustrating abeg.
My crush has been posting pictures and I can’t even view them…
I just keep using the love reaction upandan
Bring back my 3k please ??

Why is it so difficult for people to be genuine in their dealings?
Fraudsters everywhere.
Ann would have been a celebrity by now”

Alexx Ekubo

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