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I bet you all didn’t know about Bassey Ekpenyong’s  special babe who  stood by him and inspired him to be a better person. In a interview with MRH , the ex-bigbrother Naija ‘See Gobe’ housemate explained the reason behind his hustle ,  shared his life experience

and  he also revealed a lot of things we didn’t know about him.

Tell us about your role in the new TV series, AJOCHE

My Name is Bassey Ekpenyong AKA Black Bassey. In the Epic Series AJOCHE I played the role Obeh, a middle aged village Warrior, lover, play boy. He contributed a huge part of the entire story through his character and comic relieves.

How has it been after  “See Gobe” Bigbrother Naija ?

It’s been amazing, I am not saying this because it’s an interview but “see gobe” is the best thing has ever happened to me. It was that one turn in my life that literarily uncovered all my talents and made people appreciate me more and since after “see gobe”, I have been having a lot of endorsements , modeling contracts and of course African Magic Ajoche. Oh yeah!!!… I dropped a new singles titled ‘REPAY’. It’s been a whole lot of business after bigbrother naija game; I’m actually praying to have time for gym.

I am an entertainer , like I always say we’ve gone pass the era of people telling you do one thing .Yo…if God gave you 5 talents ,why are you keeping them to yourself? Why are you showcasing just one? The things I tell you I do are not just things I do as one of, they are things I have been doing a couple of years ago before I even went for bbnaija, bigbrother platform only uncovered it in a different light. I’m an actor, a singer and of course I am a host. Those three things make Bassey, anywhere you see me, and I’m doing one of the three.

How would you describe your experience working with the Cast and Crew of AJOCHE?

Well…It’s been great. When I read the script at first, I was like wow!!! So this can happen. That got me more interested in the project and when I tell people not to miss it , they feel I’m telling them that because I am part of the project. When I read the script, I learnt a lot from it and the only way I can share the good news is to tell people to watch it. Each day on set of Ajoche was total fun with the entire cast and crew.

What were your challenges working on AJOCHE project?

We had 4 directors and these directors have different professional indices, as an actor you always need to adjust to the picture your director wants and for an actor who has been used to working with one or two Directors, adjusting into the different pictures of 4 Directors maybe a little bit challenging. But eventually you see that these 4 Directors all want the growth of the project. So when you open your mind to working with these people and their expectations , you understand that all you need to do is just be yourself and stay in the character. It doesn’t take anything from the character or your analysis, that was my challenge but now I know better, *laughs*.

Now that you are making moves in the entertainment industry, what are your plans to remain relevant in this field?

Firstly, I need to correct this impression, I have always been in the industry and to further buttress this, there was an advert I did 3 years ago and it started airing this year. This shows that I have been in the industry since 2012 , concerning my plans to work. I don’t really care about relevance but I think art will speak for itself , a lot of songs I have recorded, a lot of videos I have shot. Moving forward, we look forward to starring in greater movies, Hollywood standards by God’s Grace.


How would you describe your relationship with other housemates?

The truth about this is that I have never met a set of people as sincere and real as ‘see gobe’ housemates. We are all in a group chat, we talk about the things going on in our lives and the challenges we face, we seek advice from each other, and I would say we are all one big family.

If you were given the opportunity to choose an actor, who would that be?

I love Idris Elba, I see him as my mentor. He is one person I will faint and wake up before working with him, I admire his acting career.

Who inspires you to do better?

My late Mum, that chick was a hustler. She’s been dead for like 8 years now , sometimes I still down and cry when I remember how far I have gone. There is really nothing anybody can say to me about talent or career because my babe (mum) inspires me a lot.

So sorry about your mum, how has life been without your mum?

Sincerely, it’s been stressful. I don’t want to get too emotional, let’s move on.

Do you have any female intimate friend you share your ups and downs with?

Yeah, I do have a lot of female friends but if you are asking about my girlfriend *laughs* well my work right now seems to be my girlfriend, relationships are very hectic. If you try to make it work sometimes you just trying alone. Trust me no pressure, I’m married to my work.

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