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An Exclusive Interview With Boma Akpore Ex Semi Pro Soccer Player in Belgium and Poland

My name is Boma Akpore Ex Semi Pro soccer player in belgium and Poland, Ex Mr imperial universe Nigeria 2016, Best body imperial Universe 2016 Winner. Currently member a SAG-AFTRA Actor and also a model

1)?What do you currently do? You have been in a number of professions in the past we see ?

Answer : I am currently an actor an a member of SAG-AFTRA, currently based in New York, and I still do modeling as well.

2) Question?
How have you been coping since the lockdown? What has been keeping you busy ?

Answer : To be very honest, This lock down has been a blessing in disguise, I have used this free time to the best of my abilities , I have stayed creative, I have worked on my craft and studied vigorously. Anyone in the creative industry definitely has to find ways to keep themselves busy at all times.

3)question ?
What are you currently working on ? Any upcoming projects ?

Answer : I recently just launched my Company BONZY BLUES GLOBAL PARTNERS LLC, We are into movie productions and various types of event, and am working on 3 short films I plan to submit to film festivals from December 2020 and next year. Am the writer and producer of those short films and I would be collaborating with some other people to bring this vision to life. Am very excited for what the future brings .

4) question
What is your biggest fear ?

Answer : Not living up to my fullest potential, fear of failing, it’s also been said that we learn more from failures than success.

5) question
What does success means to you?

Answer : success to me is saying I will do something and actually getting it done. To some it means luxury cars and houses, lots of money in their bank account, those are things one can’t control, but you can actually control your actions by getting up daily and grinding faithfully until you get a result.

Any regrets in life? And what would you have done differently in your career ?

Answer: no regrets in life. To me I feel whatever happens in our lives could either be a blessing or a lesson,
Also never bother myself about the outcome of an audition. No one knows what they want. Do your best and leave the rest to God.

7) Question Any advice for your viewers ?

Answer: always believe in your self. Stay true to yourself and Do your best at all times towards any given task.

Instagram: @bomaakpore
Facebook : Boma martins Akpore
Website :

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