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Is this the site of a new fashion trend for men? We all know a mannequin is an articulated doll used by artists, tailors, dressmakers, window dressers and others especially to display or fit clothing.
Korede Robert’s  style has become synonymous with creativity and freedom. According to Efe Tommy, fashion blogger and the man behind Uberstyle He added that “He encompasses the style of a generation who aspire to drive a different sense of what fashion is. Known for styling high end pieces to perfection using himself as his own muse. It definitely can’t get better than that. Korede Roberts is truly a style icon of our generation”
When we saw Korede classy pose with luxury menswear It looked like a very stylish mannequin with half of his eyes hidden behind his dark shade, Robert Korede is the CEO OF Fusion Clothing known for his edgy  sophisticated style. is menswear shifts, and more importantly he gives a little insight on what to wear to make you get that dandy appearance. This may seem like a transcend of the mannequin challenge into something more profitable for any other fashonista out there. We know one thing for sure, if you take interest in this collection, His dress sense is the same in and out of the country. You will find how to wear your variety of colors. Therefore, as we continue to explore the foundations of personal style, we know you will find Robert’s collection interesting.
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Written by Oluwatobi Ogidiolu

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