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Charles O’Tudor De-Brands. Re-locs his locs

Renowned brand strategist, public speaker and principal consultant at ADSTRAT Branding Management Consortium, Charles O’Tudor has gone back to his roots and we’ve got exclusive photos. Many years ago, O’Tudor blazed the advertising and branding industry across Africa and beyond brandishing his trademark dreadlocks and one day, decided to shave them all off! Coming full circle now, after some years of carrying a clean shaved look with his famous white beards, the brand guru has gone back to the locs!

When asked about the inspiration behind his new look, O’Tudor said “Years ago, I was inspired to sacrifice stuff that’s personal based on Gods Blessings. I loved keeping my clean shave and hair and based on personal inspiration I decided to grow my hair. By the way, I am a natural dada. so growing out my hair was seamless.

Fast forward to 2008, after carrying the dreadlocks and being known for them, I was inspired to cut them off. One thing many people don’t know is that I kept my natural locs that I shaved off, all these years.

Some months ago, the nudge to go back to my locs came and I struggled with it for months but that nudge was too strong so I dug up my dreadlocks and re-attached same” he said.

On what this new look represents for O’Tudor, he says it is “A deliberate but strategic reconnect to my inner being and essence”. We look forward to seeing how long these locs would last and what other new things Charles O’Tudor aka the 02ygenator has up his sleeves

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