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While we continue to commemorate the just celebrated Father’s Day, we are taking this time out to also celebrate some of the male celebrities who are fathers though not yet married but are always there for their kids come what may.

While we continue to commemorate the just celebrated Father’s Day, we are taking this time out to also celebrate some of the male celebrities who are fathers though not yet married but are always there for their kids come what may.

This, we must add, it’s not a publication that promotes single parenting or having kids outside marriage but we are saying, should you find yourself in such a situation then give it your best bet. It’s all worth it.

Often times we appreciate and acknowledge the role of a mother in the life of a child while down playing the role of the father, especially when the parents are not married.

Take it or not, every child needs a father figure in their lives. Thus, while we encourage deadbeats fathers to step up their games, be better and do better for their children, we also encourage the mothers to create better grounds for discussions and rooms for the fathers to be in their children’s lives.

This goes beyond individual differences, whether or not your relationship with your spouse works out, that shouldn’t affect the care and affection you give the kids. They should be your priority and the reason why you let go certain grievances for their mental health.

A lot of researches have linked later mental breakdown and mannerlessness of children from broken homes and unhealthy single parenting to be more prevalent compare to those otherwise raised by both parents or in a healthy relationship.

While we consider such researches as inclusive because in this age and time, teenagers are largely responsible for their actions, not withstanding, each parent has to play their part in ensuring they impact positively in the lives of their kids.

Again, the best way you teach a child is by doing it. You can say alot to a child but he or she is likely to pick first, what they see you do. So, lead by example. What you want out of your child tomorrow be that yourself and they might do better tomorrow.

Thus, like we mentioned earlier this is not by any means normalizing the “baby daddy and baby mama” trend but we are saying, should you be one, please put all your differences aside and do right by your kids.

Finally, shout out to all the baby daddies out there who make sure that their kids come first despite whatever and of course, to all the amazing fathers who go high and low just so their kids have the best of life and even what they didn’t even enjoy themselves.

We at MEDIAROOMHUB see you and we appreciate you.

Now, in no particular order, we’ve decided to celebrate ten music acts out of the many out there who are killing it musically and as fathers.

We do wish we could celebrate everyone but we don’t have enough space to accommodate everybody so, bear with us.




Currently, the singer has four children from four different women.
He welcomed his first daughter, Imade in 2015 with Sophia Momodu, his second with Atlanta based lady, Amanda (Laplubelle) where they welcomed a daughter named Hailey, third from his ex fiance and his most public girlfriend, Chioma, they welcomed a son called Ifeanyi and finally he has another boy with a UK based lady,
Larissa Lorenco whom she named Dawson.



The father of three welcomed his first son, Bolutife ten years ago with Sola Ogudugu, welcomed the second with US based lady, Diallo Binta, a boy called Ayodeji and finally with his International manager, Jada Pollock where they welcomed a son named Zion.



Pato as he is also called, welcomed his daughter, Wilmer in 2019 and he has not made the mother public, yet



The singer has three daughters from two baby women. His first and last daughter with Sandra Okagbue while the middle girl was with Anna Banner.



Timaya has three girls and a boy from three different women.

The first two girls, Emma and Gracey,
were from the first baby mama, Barbara Nwokolo, then the second a boy with Tamar and finally, the third girl and his fourth child, Maya with US based woman, Dunnie.



Marley has a set of twins, Aishat and Simiat with a UK based lady and reportedly has two boys, Farouq and Fawaz Fashola from another woman.



The rapper has a 1-year-old son, Shiloh with his UK based girlfriend, Davita Lamai.



Tekno and fellow singer, Lola Rae welcomed their daughter Skye in 2018.



Daniel recently announced the arrival of his twins, Jelani and Jalil on Instagram. And just like the way he kept the pregnancy a secret, we are yet to know the mother of his twin boys.


The rapper also welcomed his first and only son, Jamal in 2012 and has been there for him.

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