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Mother And Daughter Goals: Yara Shahidi, Jhene Aiko And Their Moms Feature In Allure Magazine


Jhene Aiko, her daughter Namiko Love, and mother Yamamoto alongside Grown-ish star Yara Shahidi and her mom, Keri, feature in Allure Magazine‘s Good Issue as they talk beauty and what it means to live a good life.

Yara on having her mom on set: I’ve had the good fortune of having you by my side for everything. Others don’t have a parent on set with them. I remember starting Black-ish and having high-def makeup on all day, a strip of eyelashes. There’s a weird correlation that happens between being ‘ready’ and being doused in makeup. We’ve had conversations about separating the two.

Keri on what makes her proud of Yara: [I’m happiest] that she’s the most compassionate human being I know. She has a sense that her voice matters all the time, in every situation.

Yara on their outlook on life: We say yes more than anything.

Jhené on her daughter:  I’m happy that she inherited my eyebrows because good eyebrows are hard to come by. Her dad has bushy eyebrows, too, so lucky, lucky, lucky! And she’s a little secretive. I was secretive when I was younger, but I grew out of it.

 Namiko on her mother: I’m happy I got my mom’s eyebrows and her voice.

Christina on her daughters: [I also passed on] stubbornness — which can be good and bad. But my daughters know how to speak up for themselves.


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