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Kylie Jenner Might Have Let It Slip That She’s Living With Her Best Friend


Kylie Jenner revealed that she’s not living with Travis Scott. While many believed that she was living together with Travis after the birth of their baby, Stormi, instead she actually revealed that she’s living with best friend Jordyn Woods.

In a new video with Vogue, Kylie showed off her new makeup routine but also dropped the big news that Jordyn has been living with her.

“I test out most of my stuff on Jordyn because we live together, So I’m like, ‘Jordyn, I need you,’” she said in the video for Vogue. “Everyone that comes in my house has tinted red arms from swatches and shadows.”

It’s not surprising to see the two of them still so close. Jordyn previously opened up about her relationship with Kylie, saying it evolved after baby Stormi’s arrival.

“It’s definitely the same. If anything, I feel like no matter who you are friends with, no matter what happens, the more you experience together, the more you grow and the more you figure it out. It’s just about growing up. We are growing up now and it’s cool,” she told People in an interview.

Despite not living together, a source has shared with Us Weekly that Kylie and Travis are doing just fine and that baby Stormi has brought them closer together.

It also seems like everything is all good between Kylie’s best friend and her boyfriend. The three of them traveled to France together to hit up the Cannes Lions Festival, where Travis was also performing, and Paris Fashion Week.


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