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Kim Kardashian Cashes In $1million In A Minute From Sales Of Her New Perfume


Kim Kardashian has proven countless times that she’s a force to be reckoned with when it comes to cashing in.

kim launched her new line of Kimoji fragrances on Tuesday, July 17 and within 1 minute of the launch, she had managed to make $1 million in sales.

Within the first five minutes of the perfumes going on sale, she had made 5 times what she made in the first minute, according to figures obtained by TMZ.

This week, Kim introduced her three new perfumes, Cherry, Vibes, and Peach, which are modelled after three of her popular Kimojis. She made the launch of the perfume fall on the same day as World Emoji Day.

Each scent sells for $45, so you can imagine how many units were picked by customers for her to make $1 million a minute and 5 million in 5 minutes.

Plenty of people have pointed out that she’s not had to spend a penny on advertising, either. Kim’s social media standing is so huge and far-reaching that she can essentially advertise anything she wants through one Instagram post before then reaping the benefits.


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