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Jennifer Hudson talks Being a Mother & Playing Aretha Franklin in New Movie with The Guardian Weekend Magazine

Jennifer Hudson is the cover star of this week’s Guardian Weekend magazine. The musician and actress talks to the publication about her new movie Cats, being a mother and what it feels like playing Aretha Franklin in the biopic still in the works titled Respect.

On the cover, the America Idols alumni rocks a Missoni blue skirt, as a cape with a pair of silver pumps. She then switched things to a floor-length metallic dress from Hamel paired with a pair of pumps from Casedei.

On Her New Movie Cats

How do you be a cat? As a human, I sat with that forever. Then, wait a minute, I’ve got to sing Memory? Hoo! As a cat. It was the most bizarre – not in a bad way – and a unique experience. I was like, what do I do? Especially with a character like Grizabella. I feel like she’s the heart of the story.

On Being a Mother

I’d go from chair to chair. I never have anything to do outside of just being a mom. When I’m working, I have about 10 or 20 people talking to me at one time, and a dozen things going on. Then I go home and it’s, like, still. Just still. I appreciate the quiet and simplicity.

On Playing Aretha Franklin

I think I’m in shock. You all for real? It’s happening now. I’d be like, are you all trying to kill me? It’s all about timing and being prepared and if I was 20-anything, I would be like, I’m sorry, I love you and all, but no.

Click here for the cover story in The Guardian Weekend.

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