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In Case You Lost Track Here Are A Few Interesting Eyebrow Trends That Have Gone By


Over the years as more and more makeup enthusiasts dare to experiment with makeup we’ve all been left to put up with the outcome of their antics.

While some of them have been indeed awesome, others have sadly become trends that we all could not wait to pass.

Here are a few.

1. Feather Brows

We never got the hang of this but…

2. Barbed Wire Brows

This trend I believe must have caught on because it took a lot less effort that a lot of the other brow trends.

3. Gucci Snake Brows

You know because if you can’t afford it, make your own.

4. Squiggle Brows

Someone clearly got tired of trying to draw relatively straight lines.

5. Brow Braids

As if having box braids or ‘Ghana weaving’ isn’t enough, someone thought of this.

6. Nike Brows

Again people took makeup to new lengths.

7. Christmas Tree Brows

Just in case Santa missed the big Christmas tree.


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