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I Am Ready To Change The Face Of Entertainment In Warri, Delta State. – Oghenetega David Onaemor

Oghenetega David Onaemor, is the CEO of Cruize Unplugged Limited, the 16 years old graduate from the prestigious Day waterman college is ready to take Warri, Delta state by storm with his upcoming concert tagged “Cruize Unplugged Concert” slated to happen at the Brownhill Coliseum in Warri by July 15, 2023.

In this interview, He hinted that the inspiration behind the cruise unplugged concert is seeing how celebrity live their life. He said living in delta with not having so much to do when he is home as most of his friends lived in Lagos was another source of his inspiration to try something new. Not lot of shows and events are regularly done so he took the step.

He promises to take Warri, Delta State to the next level when it comes to entertainment and events….. Enjoy

Q.What brought about the inspiration of the idea of this cruise unplugged.How long have you been thinking about it and what is the inspiration behind it

A. I mean have been seeing people like well not necessarily my age but just seeing how celebrity live their life and their are some people of my age that been doing this and how also i live in delta and when i come back home most of my friends are in Lagos and i dont have that many things to do
Because i dont see people doing shows and events regularly so yeah i just want to be the one to take a step

Q.Do you think with the way Delta state especially Warri is,do you think you can pull that same crowd your contemporaries in Lagos would have pulled if that show happened in Lagos

A. I mean i don’t really’s possible,it is not that it is not possible , anything is possible

Q.But you don’t have friends in Warri, how do you hope to pull crowd in Warri for the show’s not like i don’t have friends,i have friends but obviously not as much as i have in Lagos,but my friends in warri can also stay up with me.


Q. What is your idea of the entertainment industry entirely and why entertainment at this age

A. Entertainment Industry. I just feel like we have gotten to the stage where we can get to the internet post anything and reach people across the world and everywhere .it’s a good thing to me i feel like it’s a good thing.

Q.Are you going to go on with this or you have other things that you also want to do

A. I’m going to go on with this but as time comes there is always a new idea

Q.I also know that you love football

A. Yes I like football alot

Q. Lets talk about your hobby

A. Football,i like listening to music, watching movies and stuffs like that

Q. Who is your favorite footballer

A. I like Ronaldo

Q. When we talk about music ,who is your favorite artist in Nigeria and the international environment

A. I like Davido in Nigeria and outside i’ll say lil baby

Q.Do you see yourself singing in the future

A it is possible i dont know yet,i have done some stuffs with my friends but not a serious studio or anything just open up the laptop and yeah but if i’m good enough yes

Q.Do you dance

A. I never really like dancing but would like to learn

Q. Are you an extrovert or an introvert

A. It depends on where I am. I could be an extrovert sometimes and an introvert most times.

Q. How do you feel about your parent supporting you

A. I feel very good, the fact that not everyone would think their child is actually going to push for that, they are very supportive. My dad I love him, my mom i love her. They are very supportive. I would say I love them.

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