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How To Make Sleep A Priority Again


In addition to squeezing more hours out of the day, there are plenty of other good reasons to resist hitting the snooze button, including increased productivity. It’s also been said that earlier risers are happier and more hardworking when it comes to achieving goals too.

So what is your excuse for not being a morning person?

Okay, okay, we know it’s hard especially when you spent last night watching Netflix but here are a few tips that’ll have you jumping out of bed in the mornings.

1. Actually make getting sleep a priotity

The key to sleeping well is to make sleep a priority, rather than trading off sleep to do more of other things, be that exercise, diet, personal development or work.

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2. Ensure adequate opportunity for sleep

Aim for at least 7 hours sleep per night. This means allowing around 8 hours in bed, with some time for winding down before getting in to bed.

3. Do something about poor quality sleep

If you feel that you’re not sleeping well, or still feeling tired despite getting at least 7 hours sleep per night, or not able to sleep, do something about it. Talk to your health professional and consider seeing a sleep specialist.

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4. See sleep as only one part of health and wellness

To feel our best we need to have balance and not be overly focused on only one aspect of health. To often I see people who are very focused on one aspect of health such as exercise or nutrition or sleep, but not paying enough attention to other areas.


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