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How To Know If You Have An STD


A sexually transmitted disease can be one of the most painful embarrassments you will face as a woman. From itching in public to having to tell your sexual partner you have an STD.

Sadly a lot of women do not know when they have contracted an STD. So we’ll give you a few ways to find out if your have an STD.

Here are some common symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases in women.

1. A thick or thin, milky white, green or yellow discharge from the vagina is one of the most common symptoms of an STD.

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2. Redness, rashes or blisters in and around the vaginal or genital area is another indicator that you might have a sexually transmitted disease.

3. Most women have discharge during ovulation and at other times in their cycle. I’s best to see a doctor if your discharge is unusually more than normal or if anything about it is off.

4. If you have to take a deep breath in anticipation of a burn when you go to pee, it might be time to book an appointment to see your doctor.

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5. There’s bad crappy, never do it again sex and there’s painful, can’t stand the thrust cause I’m burning sex. See a doctor if you fall in the latter category. You might have an STD.


6. If your throat feels a little sore after oral sex then you might have contacted something not so pleasant and should see a doctor.

7. Odd as this might sound, rectal pain, bleeding or discharge after anal sex is definitely an indicator of an STD.


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