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How the Bar for Fatherhood is Disturbingly at an All-Time Low

It takes the male and female to make a child. Both genders have their role to play in bringing a child into life as the sperm and ovum of a man and woman respectively produces the zygote. Its simple biology but society has dropped the bar for fatherhood so low that it has been watered down to just paying bills, getting clothes, toys and that’s just about it. The expectations of fathers in the upbringing of a child he co-created with the mother is at an all-time low going by what I’ve seen on social media. It’s rather sad how women are solely heaped with the burden of parenting, even in cases where both parents aren’t in good terms, it’s sad that we scold the woman first of being unable to ‘move on’ before even taking into consideration the crux of the issue – A Deadbeat father!

The Wizkid/Shola saga is what drove me into making this post and all I deduced from all Shola’s revelation is sheer ignorance, patriarchy, and gross misogyny, I’d expected better from someone who is well traveled as “traveling is a part of education”, someone who should be exposed but No, all they grab out there is the plastic accent, forced slangs and that’s it; there’s barely anything substantial. Let me start by saying we’re still very far from purging our system of misogyny and patriarchy going by some comments out there. I mean there was never an issue when Wizkid described the mothers of his children as “money hungry hoes” but there’s an issue when these women cry out that their kids barely get enough financial or emotional support for their superstar father.

Wizkid’s first baby mama who obviously has been bottling so much came forth to clear her name by opening a can of worm on Wizkid, we ignore the most things therein and emphasized on how ‘desperate and destructive’ she is. Let me start by saying that Wizkid violated his 4-year-old son, making him touch the breast of adult women just to ‘ensure’ his child isn’t gay because he has doubts concerning the child’s sexuality, this is just unheard of and would’ve been the top topic if it were a woman in Wizkid’s case.

There were cases made for Wizkid that he is a superstar and busy, that I don’t have a problem with but do you see these people maintain the same energy when TJ accused Tiwa of barely having time for family because of her career. You know why? because we’ve subconsciously learned to heap a chunk of responsibility to women at the home front. Wizkid and Shola may have had a rough past but it doesn’t justify talking to her in such a manner because no child would grow and watch you disrespect his mother like that. Wizkid lacks basic parental ethics as is basking in the euphoria of his youth and doesn’t know it could bite back much later when he’s older. Fatherhood is not about paying the bills and toys, no matter how busy you are, you would still make time for family if they mean a thing to you. Its appalling that Wizkid has spent more time with Naomi Campbell in 6 months than he has spent with his sons in 7 years. Shola should accord herself some self-respect too, no woman should be treated that way by any man.


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