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How ‘friend’ tried to kill me after celebrating 30th birthday – Portable

Controversial singer Habeeb Okikola better known as Portable has recounted how a friend was allegedly sent to kill him after he celebrated his 30th birthday.

The Zazu star shared this in a recent post on his Instagram escaped an attempt to kill him only a day after his birthday.

In the video, Portable explained that someone was sent to kill him on the day after his 30th birthday which was on Tuesday, March 12.

While thanking God for saving his family, Portable went on to warn his followers not to let people know the secret of their success or they would try to take it away.

According to the singer, he was being watched and then the culprit took corners to enter his home.

Portable questioned how the person was able to gain access into his home without any of his dogs barking to alert him, alleging that the person had used ‘black magic’ to gain entry without being noticed.

Speaking further, Portable explained that there was a particular room the killer was trying to enter, thinking it was the room where the secret to his success is kept, but instead, the person did not know the room was a place he wasn’t supposed to enter and that was how the killer found himself in heaven.

Portable urged people not to kill nor cause harm to their helpers, explaining that he was the one who bought the tools the alleged killer had been using to feed his family.

“He used ‘shalanga’ – pit latrine, to get to heaven, In fact, he went to hell, not heaven,” Portable said in Yoruba.

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