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Here’s Why Teaching Consent Is More Important Than Ever


With more and more people emerging over the past few months to point fingers at their assaulter it is only fair that one wonders what could have been done to provide less enabling environments for these assaulters.

As with every great movement, more and more conversations are being had and one of the topics frequently touched upon is consent. Some have argued that it really isn’t a topic that needs to be taught while others have questioned the benefits of it.

Here are a few reasons why teaching consent is very much important today as it should have been all those years ago.

1. Self confidence

Knowledge is power and providing people with the knowledge of what consent is gives them confidence when interacting with other people. It’s an ultimate boost of self confidence when you are aware of the limits that you should have and also should enforce when people interact with you.

2. An important skill

Teaching consent is an important skill that helps people discern intent of the people around them, safeguard themselves and also of the people around them. If completely aware of the scope of consent, one will find that it is much easier to act upon the right thoughts and actions.

3. Helping to reduce sexually assaulted victims

When you know what consent it is it becomes something of the past to be confused as to what is your right and when you are being taken advantage of. With most sexual assault cases we have seen that a lot of the victims didn’t realize that they had been abuse until much later when it was pointed out to them. Certainly, if they had known what consent is then they may have been able to understand that saying ‘no’ was within their right.

4. In turn, these learners will teach others

If there is one way that teaching consent benefits us it’s that helps not only the people taught but it also indirectly equips others. From teaching ten people who in turn teach another ten people each, and so on, we find that it’s a lesson that many will willingly teach to others.


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