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Here’s What To Do If Your Man Is Terrible In Bed


Uh huh, it’s time we admitted it aloud, some men simply don’t get it right between the sheets. They’re simply clueless about what excites their woman and what doesn’t.

How do you solve the dilemma?

It’ll put you in a fix trying to figure out a way to broach the topic but don’t worry, as always, we have you covered!

1. First of all, figure out what “good sex” means to you

You have to know what your definition of “good sex” is in order to know what he might be getting wrong and where to make improvements.

Our bodies all respond differently to various sexual stimulation so it’s really important to let your partners know what you like and listen to what their preferences are too.

2. Do a little research

Don’t just focus on the act take into consideration what happens leading up to the act that might be impacting his performance. For example, does bad sex happen after too many drinks or not enough sleep, after a long day at work or during a tight deadline?

Then are a large range of factors that could be the cause and pinpointing it is a great way to figure out why he isn’t getting it right.

3. Tell him without blaming him

Yes he is terrible in bed but you’re in this together, so make it about the two of you, not a finger-pointing session where you list his shortcomings. You never know, he might have a complaint or two as well so make any sex discussions you have a two-way street.

4. Don’t fake it till you make it

If you’re faking your orgasms then your partner will think he’s doing a great job and will keep doing what he’s doing. While it’s completely fine to not have an orgasm every single time, especially when you’re still getting to know each other’s preferences.

But if you realize you’re having to fake it more often than not, then there is definitely something wrong and faking it won’t make it go away.

5. Break up

Even after pointing out where improvements could be made he’s still getting it wrong? Then you’re both most likely not compatible and are better off with other people.


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