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“The Government is Proud Of Nollywood And Are Taking Steps To Propel The Creative Industry To Greater Heights” – Lai Mohammed

The minister of information, culture and tourism Lai Mohammed opened the 2017 African International Film Festival last night and he made declarations of the government supporting the entertainment/creative industry. He said the government are conversant with the industry’s potential to grow Nigeria’s GDP and they are working towards supporting the industry’s potential. Lai referred to Nollywood as the new oil and thanked it’s key players on working tirelessly to put Nigeria on the map. He further disclosed that the government is proud of the industry and have plans to grow it.

He said “The Nigerian government is proud of Nollywood and we are engaging stakeholders constantly to grow the sector. “I will reiterate a few of the initiatives we have pursued to grow the sector. “We are pursuing single digit interest loans towards infrastructural development in the sector. “We are supporting about 100 community cinemas evenly spread across the country. “We are almost closing on a world class pre and post production facility using existing infrastructure. “We want to ensure that such world class facility is located in each geo-political zone to boost movie productions and other contents. “Finally, in the area of digital television, we are ensuring that set-up boxes are enabled to allow customers in about 30 million homes to access and buy our movies for the development of the sector”

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