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Future First Ladies; Turning Young Ladies Into Confident Women

Have you ever asked any young lady around you who their role model is? Did they mention a real life person who they relate with and learn from or did they refer to a personality they see on TV or social media?

The response you got shows the reality of the times we live in. The demands of building and maintaining successful careers have left parents with limited time to impart their children in preparation for adulthood.

What we have is a lot of young people looking to social media and pop icons for inspiration without realising that a large part of what is shown on screen has been scripted and edited.

The purpose of our Future First Ladies™ Coaching, Mentoring and Finishing School programme is to provide young ladies with the right foundation to expand on their interests. The outcome is a refined and more intentional way of conducting themselves.

This year we have an array of coaches and role models to share their experiences with participants and interact on a personal level.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Business & Dining Etiquette
  • Networking Skills
  • Dress sense & Appearance
  • Public speaking & communication skills
  • Navigating the workplace

..And so much more!

There’s a 40-seat limit, and they are already being snapped up quickly, so register today!

Email OR OR Call us on ±234 7063377144 OR ±234 8093377144

Cost: N10,000/week only*

(*The value of this highly subsidised 5 week course is about N400,000 – N500,000*

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