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Airtel Nigeria CEO Speaks on 5G at Technology Times Live

Lagos, Nigeria: August 23, 2023: Mr Carl Cruz, Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director, Airtel Nigeria, will speak on the leading mobile network operator’s 5G and how the high-speed mobile and complementary services will to continue to promote Nigeria’s socio-economic progress at a thought leadership session holding Tuesday on Technology Times Live, an interactive TV experience that will attract attendees across Nigeria, Africa and beyond.

The Airtel Nigeria CEO/Managing Director has been chosen among select industry, government and thought leaders that are analysing yesterday, today and tomorrow of mobile telephony revolution in Nigeria as part of the Technology Times special focus on “Nigeria Mobile Revolution: 22 Years On in Era of 5G” that will refocus the rapid socio-economic transformation witnessed from the August 2001 commercial rollout of digital mobile telephony service across the country.

Mr Cruz, Airtel Nigeria CEO/Managing Director, will share thought leadership at the interactive session scheduled for 2.00pm -3.00 pm Nigeria time on Tuesday August 29, 2023 on the Technology Times Live YouTube channel accessible via

“The revolution, driven by launch of service by Airtel Nigeria (then Econet Wireless Nigeria) and other mobile network operators (MNOs), has seen the country’s mobile phone lines grow from over 500,000 lines in 2001 to over 220 million lines in June 2023, and has also become an innovation enabler across several sectors of the Nigerian economy,” Mr Shina Badaru, Founder of Technology Times announced in a statement.

“We are pleased to be hosting Mr Carl Cruz, Airtel Nigeria CEO/Managing Director, who will be featuring on Technology Times Live, a virtual interactive TV session to analyse the role that the leading MNO continues to play in shaping and defining the mobile revolution in the country, and also refocus the positive impact that its new Airtel 5G service will have for consumers and businesses across the country,” Mr Badaru says

At the session, the Airtel Nigeria CEO will refocus the last 22 years of mobile revolutions in the country and how his company continues to lead the charge as mobile technology continues to enable the development of innovative solutions across diverse sectors of the economy, beyond communication.

He will also speak on the ongoing mobile revolution and the advent of 5G, and how Airtel Nigeria, which has launched commercial 5G service, plans to unlock the benefits and opportunities of the advanced speed mobile technology for Nigerian consumers and businesses, and what exciting developments can they anticipate in the coming years.

Profile of Mr Carl Cruz, Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director, Airtel Nigeria

Carl Cruz is the Managing Director and CEO of Airtel Nigeria, a leading provider of telecommunications and mobile money services. Airtel Nigeria is a member of Airtel Africa, which has a presence in 14 countries across the continent.

Mr Cruz assumed the leadership of Airtel Nigeria in May 2023 and brings to Airtel more than 30 years of business and corporate experience across several countries in Asia and Africa, having occupied key management roles in Unilever Philippines and Hindustan Unilever India, and serving as Chairman and Managing Director of Unilever Sri Lanka.

His last position before he moved to Airtel Nigeria was CEO and Managing Director of Unilever, West Africa, with responsibility and oversight for three listed companies in the region, including operations in Nigeria, Ghana, and Francophone Africa.

Since taking over the leadership of one of Nigeria’s most valuable companies, which is also a critical enabler of business and lifestyle, Mr Cruz has overseen a steadying of nationwide operations, particularly in the context of current indices of the Nigerian economy. Considering his extensive experience in similar markets, however, he has expressed tremendous optimism about the future of business in Nigeria.

This positive outlook of his justifies the view of Airtel Africa CEO, Segun Ogunsanya, regarding the CEO of the Nigerian opco.

Ogunsanya said, “Mr Cruz has a solid record of accomplishment as a strategic and transformational business leader who thrives on problem solving and building strong teams to deliver business growth. We look forward to working with him to steer our largest region and to deliver on our corporate purpose of transforming lives.”

Carl Cruz also functions on the Executive Committee of Airtel Africa as the Regional Operating Director, reporting to the Group CEO and the Board of Airtel Networks Limited (Nigeria).

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management from the University of De La Salle, Philippines.

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