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“Excellence is mandatory even in adventures I’m not passionate about” – Olufemi Adeyemi AKA F.Shaw

Privacy for Olufemi Adeyemi gave way to a lot more attention when it was revealed he was responsible for all of those witty and sarcastic tweets from the EFCC twitter account. In this interview with Oluwaseyi Akindunbi, he shares a lot on dedication, responsibility, and tenacity. His is an interesting read with an hint to the sarcasm that lurks behind his brilliant mind. 



“Excellence is mandatory even in adventures I’m not passionate about” had become a watchword for you. How has this quote shaped you in various stages of your life?

It was a statement I had made while in a random discussion with a friend. I did not realise it at the time until my friend posted it on social media and tagged me saying how much my words touched him. I have just always believed that it pays to be diligent; especially in the little things. Sometimes, our attitude to jobs or work we may consider “mediocre” can be what could bring us glory. I have seen people in different countries do the so called “mediocre” or “small” jobs with so much joy and passion; their love for the act of service has always moved me so I guess for a long time, it has been a part of me to always strive for excellence even in the things the world would not judge me for if I wasn’t excellent at.

Tell us about Olufemi Adeyemi, what was your childhood and early adult life like?

My childhood was normal, decent; born and raised in Lagos – Ipaja/Isheri-Idimu, Alimosho Local Government precisely. I harboured childhood ambitions of joining the Military. I am a bit of an  ambivert. I was also interested in the arts with Michael Jackson being the biggest influence on me aritistically.

You seem like a very private person, does this have to do with your upbringing?

Yes. I am a very private person. I don’t know if it really has to do with my upbringing. I just naturally prefer my own space.

Nigerians were somewhat happy and sad when they found out you were the one behind the witty EFCC twitter account tweets. Happy that they could put a face to the man of very few but pungent words, and sad that you would not longer be handling the account? With all the attention this brought, did it you regret your decision to resign?

There is a certain level of brilliance any individual will exhibit that will garner them attention by virtue of their work. I understand this, I appreciate it and I am at peace with it but I do not regret my decision because there is nothing to regret. I was always going to leave the Public Service. My departure just happened to coincide with the period where the work I was doing was getting the most attention. I have other dreams and aspirations and it was time to move on.

You are very passionate about music, what is the reason for the self-imposed hiatus for over five years?

Well I was on a self imposed hiatus because I got to a point in my music career where I had to self-evaluate. Expenditure was more than income and the music was not putting food on my table at the time. I decided to look for a white collar job to take care of myself, my responsibilities and my family. I was already on TV but I did not want to be popular and broke. I  had to ask myself this question – “Femi, if you do not make money from music, will you still do it?” My answer was yes and at that moment, the pressure to “blow” came off and I decided I will always do my music at my own time and pace whether I make a dime from it or not. What was important was that I continued to earn a living; by all means legal.

How did you go from being a musician to  working in a federal parastatal?

Musician to working in a Federal Parastatal? My answer is same as above. I shopped my CV around. After a while, I got called for a test, did and interview and I got the job. The recruitment process took over a year and I gave up many times.

You recently posted on Instagram about someone who impersonated you to get a job, how do you feel being someone worth impersonating?

On the impersonation, I find it funny truly. It just goes to show you how hard the times are that people have to pretend/lie to be other people in order to secure a job. I am not mad at all. If I were to point a finger, it would be at the management of said organisation who recruited somebody because the person claimed to be F.SHAW and they believed it without any references. On the other hand, the problem with lies is, you have to keep up the act and as an employee, it is important for your organisation to be able to trust you as a person of integrity; so I reckon the individual’s supposed “competence” will also be the least of his/her employer’s worries.

There is no doubt that alot of ladies would be flooding your DM, how have you dealt with this?

Lol. I don’t know about ladies flooding my DM. If they are, i’m sure they are lovely people who just admire my work that’s all. Nothing to it.

Are you single or in a relationship?

I am not in a relationship at the moment.

What are your views on Homosexuality?

On homosexuality, I am civil; to each his own. But my civility must never be mistaken for consent.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I have not finished writing and designing where I see myself in the next five years. When I am done, will let you know.

How do you relax and while away time?

How I relax? – I like to watch football, movies and listen to different genres of music.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, all expense paid, where would that be?


What is your style? Are you keen about fashion?

I think I am style-less. Perhaps that’s a style in itself. I am not keen about fashion. I put on whatever looks good enough for me.

What would you say to a young person that is trying to find his/her foot career wise?

To that young person, there is something you are special at. Find it, hone it, guard it and express it.

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