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Eniola Badmus dismisses claim that she is 40, reveals her real age and it does not match her age on Wikipedia

Actress Eniola Badmus celebrated her birthday yesterday, she was showered with encomium from friends, colleagues and fans. While everyone took it as her 40th birthday as her Wikipedia page states. She however granted an interview with encomium magazine where she addressed the story concerning her age and she revealed her actual age is 34.

The interview reads:

“Yes, today is my birthday, and I am so happy and fulfilled about it. I give God the glory.”

She continued: “I am 34 today. I thank God for all He has done in my life.”

When asked why the public thinks she’s 34, she said: “Who said I am not 34? If I claim that, don’t you know I still have elderly ones? What age do you want them to be? Please, I have not clocked 40, I am 34. I don’t know why people are getting it wrong.”


However her Wikipedia page shows that she was born 7th September 1977.


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