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Dr Sid And Simi Esiri’s 3-Year Old Marriage In Crisis!

News just surfaced that the 3 year marriage between Mavin singer Dr Sid and Simi Esiri is in crisis as reported by LIB, the couple have unfollowed each other on their social media pages.  The couple tied the knot in August 2014 and welcomed a daughter; they have been spotted at events in recent times with their daughter and that’s reported to be in a quest of making things work out for the sake of their daughter.

‘They’ve been having issues for a very long time. it got so bad that Simi has had to move out of the house a couple of times’ – a source said.

Sid had admitted to their having issues in 2016 on an interview with Sunday Spice but claimed they however handle it well; he was quoted to have said: ‘I remember us quarrelling two days before our wedding and even threatening to pull out. But, our love for each other has kept us going. Right now, our marriage is on autopilot and we are just cruising because we understand each other absolutely’.

At the time of this report, Simi doesn’t wear her ring no more which was evident in a picture she shared some days back.

Reports have it that Sid is trying the possible to make things work out Simi isn’t having any of it.

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