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Chrissy Teigen Is Really Out Here Living Her Best Life And She Isn’t Letting Stretch Marks Stop Her


Of course, by now, we all know Chrissy Teigen recently gave birth to a sweet baby boy clled Miles.

In case you for some reason forgot, here’s a reminder of how adorable he is.

Anyway, her body obviously changed during the pregnancy which is kind of what happens when you grow a human inside of you for nine months right?

But while Chrissy is on a holiday with her family at Bali, living her best life and stuff, she showed us once again that she isn’t afraid of embracing her mom bod.

In a time where there’s a ton of pressure for women to quickly snapback after pregnancy, there is Chrissy who is getting real about her own experience.

The supermodel hit social and posted a video of her stretch marks, saying “I guess these just aren’t gonna go away. This is my body.”

She also shared a cute picture of her and John kissing.

She also clarified about having “body confidence”…


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