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Chopboii, three others killed in Gwarinpa were mutilated, friend narrates crime scene

One of the friends of two out of four persons who were killed in an apartment in Gwarinpa, Abuja, Fiamarri Zoaka, has said that the killers mutilated their victims.

Zoaka said he was friends with singer Samson Anpe aka Chopboii for over two decades, while he had known Peter Ugbomah for over 10 years.

He told BBC Pidgin that Chopboii was supposed to come visit him on September 25 but he did not so he assumed the singer was busy.

Zoaka explained that the search for Chopboii became serious on Tuesday, September, 27, 2022. He noted that the police asked them to stay away from the apartment since it was an active crime scene but he was allowed in to identify Chopboii.

He said a flashlight was used as the place was dark and that the dead bodies had begun to smell.

“As we were entering we were checking for details. We saw that they bashed Peter’s head, broke his jaw, cut his head and his finger and wrote ‘HIM’ with blood on the wall.

“They also wrote on the wall with sharp objects ‘I TOLD THEM NOT TO PLAY WITH HER’. As we entered the bedroom, the first person I saw was Chopboii.

“It looked like he was trying to defend himself, so they cut his hand in the process, they cut his head too.

“On the right side was Pelumi Beerollings, Gwezi’s producer, they broke his head too.

“Another person was there, we did not know she was a woman because of the way she was dressed.

“They cut the woman beyond recognition. She was later identified as Blessing Udie,” he said.

Zoaka added it was the worse thing he had seen in his life.

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